Jiuheng is a professional chinese shipping label company, providing customised private labels with advanced manufacturing equipment and complete service system.

Supply And Management Of Raw Materials

Providing high-quality thermal paper, label paper, and materials to ensure stable sourcing and quality control of raw materials.

Label Maker Machine

Providing various types of thermal paper/label cutting machines, printing machines, packaging machines, palletizing machines, and container loading machines to ensure smooth operation and efficient production.

Private Label Manufacturer Design And Printing

Offering customized design and printing services for thermal paper and labels according to customer requirements, including printing logos, names, barcodes, and other information.

Product Quality Control And Testing

Implementing rigorous quality control and testing processes to ensure that thermal paper and label products meet industry standards and customer requirements.

Fast Delivery And Logistics Management

Providing fast delivery and efficient logistics management services to ensure timely delivery of orders to customers.

After-Sales Service And Training

after-sales services, including equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, and technical training to help customers resolve any issues during product usage.







Give clear solutions

Solve problems for you

Solve the problem completely

The one-stop services provided by a thermal paper and label factory aim to meet various customer needs throughout the production process, including the supply of raw materials, provision and installation of machinery, design and print custom shipping label, technical support and solutions, product quality control and testing, fast delivery and logistics management, as well as after-sales service and training. These services are continuously improved and optimized to meet evolving customer demands.