Our History

We’re proud of our humble beginnings and continuous improvement.

2002 Year

Guangzhou Jiuheng Barcode Co., Ltd wasfounded on 30 September.

2003 Year

Became the fixed-point printing enterprise ofSF Express and ZJS Express..

2004 Year

1.  Earned the Guangdong provincial level inPurchasing and Supply Certification

2. Achieved the ISO9001International QualitySystem certification.

3. Became the group member of China TradeAssociation for Anti-counterfeiting andAutomatic        Identification ManufactureAssociation of China

4. Became a designated printing enterpriseof STO Express

2005 Year

1. Obtained Trademark Registration Certificatefrom SAIC

2. Became the designated printing enterpriseof Ping An Insurance (Group) Co. of China Ltd.

3. Became the only designated printingenterprise of TNT Post Group in China

4. Became the designated printing enterpriseof YUNDA Express.

2006 Year

Become one of the fixed-point printingenterprise of FedEx in China

2007 Year

1. Be honored as 2006 Excellent Supplier bySF Express

2. Became a designated printing enterpriseof YTO Express and TTK Express

2008 Year

1. Won the title of “Top Ten Famous BrandsRecognized for Quality in China’s                                             AutomaticIdentification Industry”

2. Obtained the “China Customs import andexport goods consignor declaration                                    registrationcertificate”,”Foreign trade operator registrationrecord certificate”,”Self-care                    Inspection Record& Registration Certificate”,”RegistrationCertificate of Tax Drawback of                    ExportEnterprise

3. Won the honorary title of “Advanced StaffHome”in Panyu District

4. Became the designated printing enterprise ofTaikang Insurance Group

5. Chairman Shen Yunli was elected as the directorof Label Printing Branch of China Printing              andEquipment Industry Association

6. The “Jiuheng” bar code printing series productswere recognized by the China Market                        BrandStrategy Management Federation as the “TopTen Famous Brands Recognized for Quality      inChina’s Automatic Identification Industr

7. The annual sales revenue exceeds 100 millionyuan

2009 Year

1.Won the title of “Top 50 Competitive Label PrintingEnterprises in South China

2. Obtained the “National Industrial ProductProduction License” issued by the GeneralAdministration of Quality Supervision, Inspectionand Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China

3.Won the “Golden Customer of 2009” award fromGuangdong Development Bank

4. Became the designated printing enterprise ofTaikang Insurance Group

2010 Year

1.Obtained ISO14001 environmental certificationsystem certificate

2. Won the “Contract-honoring and credit-worthy” enterprise awarded by GuangzhouAdministration for Industry and Commerce

3.Jiuheng obtained the certification ofGuangdong High-tech Enterprise

4.Won the plaque of “Good Enterprise in RichCountry, Supporting the Army as a LeadingWild Goose” by the 75207 Unit of the ChinesePeople’s Liberation Army

5.Won the”Excellent Supplier” of SF Express(Group)

2011 Year

1.Jiuheng moved from Shiji Industrial ZonePanyu District to Lingxing Industrial Park,Shilou Town

2. Jiuheng began to lay out the developmentof the industrial chain, and two mostadvanced              domestic independently-investedcarbonless paper production lines were putinto production

3.Be awarded as”Golden Customer in 2011by Guangfa Bank Co, Ltd. Panyu Sub-branch

4.Won the”2011 Excellent Supplier ofWaybill” awarded by SF Express (Group)

2012 Year

1. Obtained anti-counterfeiting technologyverification and evaluation certificate

2. The tenth anniversary of the establishmentof Jiuheng, the tenth anniversary celebrationwas held

3. Jiuheng’s new production plant and officebuilding were completed

4. Won the 2012 Excellent Supplier of Waybilland Document Seal of SF Express (Group)

5. Be awarded as”Golden Customer in 2011by Guangfa Bank Co, Ltd. Panyu Sub-branch

2013 Year

1 .Became one of the demonstrationenterprises of Guangzhou’s manufacturingtransformation and upgrading

2. Won the “Best Partner of 2013” awarded byShanghai Yuantong Express Co,, Ltd

3. Obtained 9 utility model patents

2014 Year

1. Invested in the construction of HunanJianghua Jiuheng Science and TechnologyIndustrial Park, with an area of over 400 mu(about 26.6 hectare)

2. Registered and established Jianghua JiuhengDigital Technology Co, Ltd. and successfullyput into production

3. Registered and established Jianghua HengjinPackaging Materials Co, Ltd. and successfullyput into production

4. Introduced the world’s number onemanagement software–SAP system to toimprove management

5. Chairman Shen Yunli won the first PanyuEconomic Person Award (HeadquartersEconomy)

2015 Year

1.Obtained 2 utility model patents

2. Hong Kong Jiuheng Printing Co., Ltd.wasestablished

3. Identified by Guangdong ProvincialDepartment of Science and Technology asThermal Adhesive Production Equipmentand Product Engineering TechnologyResearch Center in Guangdong

4. Won the 2015 Panyu Manufacturers TaxPayment Award

5. Won the “Strategic Partner” of GuangzhouXiangxue Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

6. Won the honorary certificate issued byBidding and Equipment Procurement Centerof JingDong Group

7. Won the “Long-term Cooperation Award’from SF Express (Group)

8. Chairman Shen Yunli is honored to visit theUnited States with President Xi Jinping andparticipate in the Sino-US Economic, Tradeand Cultural Cooperation Summit Forumheld in Los Angeles

2016 Year

1. Jianghua Jiuheng Industrial Park won theHunan Province Mass Innovation andEntrepreneurship Demonstration Base

2. Jianghua Jiuheng Digital won the honorarytitle of “Big Taxpayer’

3. Achieved ISO14001 environmental systemcertification

4. Achieved ISO14001 environmental systemcertification

5. Introduced pan-micro OA officemanagement system to improve officeefficiency

6. Jiuheng launched the “partner” businessmodel and established three partnercompanies

7. Won the”2016 Yunda Excellent SupplierAward” awarded by Shanghai Yunda FreightCo, Ltd.

8. Won the “Enterprise Credit Evaluation AAACredit Enterprise”

2017 Year

1.Implemented the PCU management modeoriginated in China

2. The resolution of the shareholders meetingwas passed to acquire 100% equity ofHangzhou Sanheng Packaging Materials CoLtd.

3. Chairman Shen Yunli was awarded thehonorary title of “The First OutstandingEntrepreneur of Yongzhou City” by theYongzhou Municipal Party Committee andMunicipal Government.

4. Han Yongwen, then deputy director ofHunan Provincial People’s Congress StandingCommittee, inspected Jiuheng

5. Jiuheng was awarded the title of “Ecommerce Logistics Green PackagingDemonstration Unit

6. Jiuheng obtained the “Bee.comRecommended Supplier Finalist Qualification Certificate”

7. Jiuheng won the”Cross-Group Partner Award

8. Jiuheng won the “Excellent Supplier ofJingdong Logistics in 2019”

9.  Obtained 1 invention patent and 11 utilitymodel patents

10.  Jiuheng’s sales revenue exceeded 1 billion

11. Jiuheng’s sales revenue exceeded 1 billion

12. Dongguan Jiuheng Logistics Technology CoLtd. was established with a registered capitaof 10 million yuan

13. Be awarded “Excellent Supplier” by SFExpress

14. Won the “Class A Honorary Certificate of TaxCredit” issued by Guangzhou State TaxationBureau

15. Won the “2017 Collaborative InnovationAward”by SF Express (Group)

16. The “Jinggangshan Pledge Meeting” washeld at the middle and high levelsymbolizing a new starting point forJiuheng’s entrepreneurship

2018 Year

1. Hunan Hengchuang Innovation MaterialsCo., Ltd.was registered.

2. Completed the shareholding system reformand changed name to “Guangzhou JiuhengBarcode Co, Ltd.”

3. Chairman Shen Yunli won the “OutstandingManufacturing Entrepreneur of Panyuduring the Forty Years of Reform andOpening Up

4. Chairman Shen Yunli was elected as amember of the 12th CPPCC HunanProvincial Committee

5. Obtained 26 utility model patents

6. Become the director unit of the PostalIndustry Science and Technology InnovationStrategic Alliance.

2019 Year

1. Won the honorary title of “AdvancedPrivate Enterprise in Hunan Province inproject Enterprises Helping Villages’

2. Submit an IPO listing application on theShanghai Stock Exchange

3. Won the honorary title of “Advanced unit inDevelopment of Non-public Economy andSMEs in Hunan Province” by the HunanProvincial Party Committee and the HunanProvincial People’s Government

4. Achieved the”China EnvironmentalLabeling Product Certification”

5. Obtained 16 utility model patents

6. The WMS warehouse system was launchedto realize the informatization of warehousemanagement.

2020 Year

1. Jianghua Jiuheng Digital Technology Co.Ltd. won the “Little Giant of Hunan Provincel

2. Jianghua Hengjin Packaging Materials Co.Ltd. was awarded “High-tech Enterprise

3. Chairman Shen Yunli won the “Talent inYushan area, Panyu District”

4. Chairman Shen Yunli was awarded”Outstanding Entrepreneur of HunanProvince

5. Chairman Shen Yunli was awarded “TheMost Beautiful Poverty Alleviation Figure in2020″t

6. The CPC Hunan Provincial Committee andthe Hunan Provincial People’s Governmentawarded Chairman Shen Yunli the title of”Hunan Province Model Worker”

7. Chairman Shen Yunli won the honorary titleof”Outstanding Builder in Hunan Province

8. Obtained 9 utility model patents

9. Online financial management systemKingdee was online

10. Won the title of “Top 100 Printing andPackaging Enterprises in 2020”, ranking 23

11. Cooperation with Tianjin University ofScience and Technology to conquer linerlessself-adhesive label technology

12. Our “reduced packaging technology”,“selfadhesive label without paper core” and”green management mode for supply chain”were selected as “green packagingprojects in the 2020 postal industry greenproduct, green technology and green modelinventory.

2021 Year

1.  In order to better respond to the nationalenvironmental protection plastic ban policy.we invested in environmentally friendly paperand plastic projects

2 .Invested in Grassine project

3. Jiuheng Barcode won the “Leading PrivateEnterprise in Guangzhou’

4. Jiuheng Barcode won the “First Batch ofSpecialized and New Enterprises being helpedin Guangzhou”

5. Jiuheng Barcode became the “GuangzhouDigital Economy Application Scenario Case’

6. Hunan Hengchuang Innovation Materials Co.,Ltd.was awarded”High-tech Enterprise

7. Jianghua Jiuheng Digital Technology Co.Ltd.was awarded”High-tech Enterprise’

8. Hunan Hengchuang Innovation Materials Co.,Ltd.was awarded “High-tech Enterprise’

9.Hangzhou Sanheng Packaging Materials Co.Ltd.was awarded”High-tech Enterprise’

10. Guangzhou Jiuheng Barcode Co, Ltd. hasobtained the qualification of “Self-identification of Enterprise Staff Skill Level” bythe Human Resources and Social SecurityBureau

11.Jianghua Jiuheng won the “AdvancedGrassroots Party Organization in HunanProvince

12. Signed a contract with Alibaba to build a”digital factory”project, launched the MESsystem to realize digital productionmanagement

13. The first self-developed fully automatic selfadhesive production line was put intooperation

14. Under the wave of industrial Internet anddigitalization, the founding team set sail againto realize business transformation. Weingeniously built the Xiaoma Print platformand established Guangzhou Xiaoma PrintNetwork Platform Technology Co, Ltd. with aregistered capital of 50 million yuan

15. SF Holding awarded Jiuheng the “2021 GreatCollaboration Award

16. Obtained 1 invention patent and 33 utilitymodel patents

17. Won the title of “Top 100 Printing andPackaging Enterprises in 2021” ranking 22

18. Was selected into the warehousing list of “twohigh and four new (specialized and new)enterprises in Guangzhou

19. Won the 2020 Panyu Manufacturers TaxPayment Award

20. Hangzhou Sanheng won the 2020 Top 10Transaction Enterprises of China ExpressLogistics Equipment and Materials CentralizedPurchasing and Trading Center

21. Won the”Advanced Unit of EnvironmentalProtection in 2020″awarded by the Safety

2022 Year

1. Hunan Hengchuang Innovation MaterialPackaging Co., Ltd. was awarded “HunanEnterprise Technology Center’

2. Jianghua Digital won the “Internet Platform ofJiuheng Printing Industry” issued by theHunan Provincial Department of Industry andInformation Technology, becoming the firstprovincial industrial Internet platform inYongzhou

3. Jiuheng Barcode obtained the certificate of”Intellectual Property Management SystemCertification”

4. Achieved the”China EnvironmentalLabeling Product Certification”

5. Xiaoma Print inaugurated the new office inShuangcheng International, Zhujiang NewTown area, Guangzhou